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v0.11.0 - 06/17/2015
Gameplay acceleration
Fix speed up time
Fix ads
Control bar change
Update Starling to v1.6
New loading method for assets
Changes in levels
New menu
Castle mode levels for two players
Reduction of the archive file weight
v0.9.5 - 03/25/2015
Modification of the first 12 levels
Button selection effect
Speed up menu rendering (mobile versions)
v0.9.4 - 02/10/2015
Add restart button in campaign mode
Fix icon issue
Levels 11 and 12: difficulty lowered
Remove time actions
Change "uppercut" square image
v0.9.3 - 12/24/2014
Gamepad/Keyboard support
Changing some levels
Changing multi-touch moving
Changing loading
Display points
Fix some bugs
+ Web demo version
+ Mac full version
v0.9.2 - 11/14/2014
Fix anim issue
Interface changes
+ Windows full version
v0.9.1 - 10/31/2014
Reduce memory consumption
v0.9.0 - 10/23/2014
+ Android (google play) demo and full version