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BĂȘta Become Beta-tester on Android !
Face your enemies and progress through a strange world where the characters appear to be wooden crates... Ok that's ridiculous.

4 environments, 42 levels.
Squares Game can be played alone or both on the same screen.

Available on Android, Windows and Mac.
Try this game !

Just look at the comments of video game experts:

"A real success !"

Romain Mathieu, developer of "Squares game"

"A comedy that is not lacking in panache"

Mega Movies Magazine

"The game of the year !"

Romain Mathieu, developer of "Squares game"

"For a purchased drill, wheelbarrow offered"

Hemo Dopet

"No comment"

Video Games Reference

"Leave me alone, I don't care about your game !"

Video Games Reference